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Many of my clients come to me first instead of discussing their concerns with the Dr. If you are looking for products and are having difficulty buying them or are looking for advice read on or ask....

For a small fee, I am able to shop for creams and skin care for gents if needed, as well as vitamins for you and other types of wellness products which may be beneficial for you and your health and well-being.

I have found that there is a protein which the body doesn't produce easily called ARGININE.

For those who suffer with ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION & DIABETES this is a great option for you.

What does arginine do?

Here’s what arginine does for your body:

  • creates nitric oxide, which widens and relaxes arteries and blood vessels, improving blood flow
  • helps heal injuries
  • aids kidneys in removing waste
  • boosts immune system function

People take arginine as a dietary supplement to help manage heart disease, angina, and erectile dysfunction, as well as for bodybuilding, healing wounds, and repairing tissue.

Prostate Health products are sold in Holland and Barrett - Wellman is said to be good, as well as Prostasan, 

Lowered sex drive

It is said that Men with low testosterone often experience a reduction in sex drive.

A diminishing sex drive occurs naturally with age, but when the cause is low testosterone, a man will notice a significant decrease in the desire for sex.

MEDICAL suggestions more to come

*Just for knowledge it is suggested that your Dr can prescribe you with CIALIS which will help in this area. This is more gentle on the circulatory system than Viagara.

L-Arginine I take these from H & B for men and women


VIGORINE - A tablet which has been used by one of my clients is VIGORINE, its gentle A scientific study funded by the US Department of Agriculture shows that citrulline, a 100% natural substance derived from the humble watermelon, appears to produce much the same effect as the little blue pill which may come as welcome news to the estimated 50% of men over 50 who experience some degree of dysfunction. So go eat lots of WATERMELON boys!

FENUGREEK is seen in about a third of the top-selling men’s health supplements. One study noted a benefit in improving sexual arousal and orgasm, as well as muscle strength, energy and well-being as well as lowering sugars for blood pressure, appetite control and inflammation. There were no adverse events reported in that study and other studies also show this to be a safe supplement.

HOLISTIC suggestions more to come - shops for them; Boots, Holland & Barrett, Health stores, Amazon online, all are reputable.

*Horny goat weed, Testosterone booster, Maca root, Wild Yam, Damiana, Zinc & Magnesium, Vigorine



Mental Health will also affect levels of stress and testosterone, overtime our bodies inevitably change.

Reduction in Muscle Mass

Testosterone plays a role in the development of muscle mass, and reduced levels of the hormone can result in a significant loss of muscle mass.

However, as low testosterone causes a decrease in mass, the function and strength of the muscles do not diminish.

Vitamin D will be good for muscle build up....try to take vitamins before the problems start!