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Regular Massages - Holistic (varied conditions) - Lymphatic Drainage (toxic wastage) AND

Tantra/Lingam Massages - for many health conditions (NON sexual/healthcare approach)

Massage Customer Testimonials

Dear ALL, 
A bit about my clients. 

I have many different clients, over 40's plus and friendly professionals who are involved in all types of professions in professional industries, or retired.
The testimonials or comments during the time we spend together that don't go on here are repeat clients, so just to give you the
idea of what's up in my world, here I display a few.  Confidentiality and privacy is paramount for you just as it is for me.  All my clients are extremely reliable and enjoy their time with me because they understand the work I do is promoted as a treatment so they can feel comfortable knowing they have been to a professional. 

Thank you everyone who is supporting me ...... it means a lot, you are dear friends.
For me its quality not quantity!  Those who know, I only work part time....I am trying to perfect the techniques I have created and learned as a tantric massage therapist and my testimonials have grown and been paramount representing the work I can produce for you.



Wow that was a great massage, very professional & I'm tingling, when are you free again?  :)

Testimonials were true a very lovely warm and funny lady.


Really nice and understanding lady knows her stuff, reasonable prices and varied treatments, felt refreshed and on air.

Beautiful lady, honest & great with her work. 

Id like to know why the nhs don't specialise, whats all the stigma about, no need to be honest its a must service......

Thanks for you kindness, gentle techniques, respectful decent and high quality massage therapist.

You help me no end when we come together and I will continue to do all that you tell me especially breathe relax and dont let other take advantage.

Always nice to see you thank you for being patient and relaxed.


A great lady with a beneficial treatment and combination which I tried, I felt refreshed and really enjoyed it last time, thank you for my massage, facial skin care treatment and foot spa. helped me a lot!


A very useful service as already mentioned by many others, so good to hear your adding strings to your bow now too, im sure itll be a good earner.
Thank you for the service in relation to my issue, it helped alot.


Thank you for today, I guess I have missed a few things, thank you so much for your input.....

I wanted to bring feedback to you from last week, wow! when I got home things had changed dramatically, what a difference, and with all that you helped me with I am truly truly grateful, 


A real experience, upfront lady, real pleasure

Thank you, you have truly helped me in my relationship which was facing some cold nights!!


What a lovely lady, you need a really good person to come into your life!! Such a treasure, and a very good therapist, try not to give up your vocation.

An experience I will definitely meet again for, a good promotion as a health option, well done.


Thank you so much, Ill totally look at my life in another way.

That was an amazing massage.

Thank you for understanding my condition, it is truly an important service you provide.


Thank you for showing me a great treatment today, you really opened my mind to new ideas and allowed me to think differently, I had no idea I could think out the box.


Thank you for showing me how to be more engaged in my life

A Very nice experience and I will return

For a lovely lady who deserves the best in life, your understanding is paramount to this work and you are still doing so well thank you for being so patient


An innovative and marketable idea and plenty more for you to do here in this lifetime, well done and thank you for a great hour I truly hope to see you again because it will improve my whole outlook in life coming to see you, just as you say you have other clients who really enjoy their time away for the norm of their minds, it is a blessing to have found you H.

Thank you for my treatment was a real benefit for me as I slept so well last night, you do have healing hands, keep going.


Just a quick note to say my therapy help me alot, its made me feel a little better and I used all my Bach flower remedy you gave me and I'm sure it worked.thank you for your help and support on getting me to a slightly different route to recovery.

Inspiring and thank you....

Fantastic, a wonderful warm and caring lady.  I feel new!


Well I just wanted to say thank you so much for today, you're right it is amazing how much we don't understand in ourselves and how much we can conquer,  I will be going to the temple soon.

Thank you for making me so relaxed, and with no pressure either.


Missed you and thank you for your kindness and patience, I really needed to gain that bit of confidence.

You deserve the best from the best. I hope you soon are to meet .....

Top quality lady you can trust, always assures she is providing the best in a professional treatment for when you leave to go home...thank you H.


Really help me today thank you for giving me the confidence back.

Thanks for a wonderful tantric experience.


Thank you very nice and my foot spa was very soothing a nice new addition.

See you again and thank you for letting me be a guinea pig for the BACH flower remedies !!  Ill tell you how i get on...


Thank you for showing me your treatment a very nice concept with the customer in mind, nice idea.

What a lovely experience, a normal lady, fun and friendly, and genuine couldnt be better.

Thank you for being patient with me a lovely treatment.


You really have this down to a Tee, Well done...


Just a quick note to say thank you for a lovely massage yesterday, it was great to meet you in person and I look forward to seeing you in the future..

You are such a lovely lady as you know I've re-booked 2 hours next week and look forward to my treatment..

A lovely journey and a professional massage, thank you!

I will return and thank you for the professionalism of youre work


You have truly found a good market, keep at it as you have a gift which is needed.

A lovely lady, true in her work and professional in attitude


I just want you to know you were very compassionate the other day thank you.


You have helped me so much today in both confidence, management of my life and self esteem, thank you you just dont know how much it helped!!

As you know I have relationship problems and just wanted to thank you for your support.


Thank you for today, I hope it will help and love the techniques you have shown me to breathe and de-stress. 

Thank you for your honesty in being unable to do your work when unwell.  I'm glad you are willing to look at the work rather than the financial side and look forward to seeing you when your better....

My wife is ill and I appreciate you seeing me for some me time...its been very beneficial to our relationship and my salvation...

Thanks for seeing me today, you showed me what I need to do and thanks for the advice.


Thank you for showing me techniques for my ED, it was most helpful, see you again.  


As you know I came to see you because of a football injury in my groin.  Your work really helped me understand myself again.  Thank you. 

As you knew my wife was ill and I needed some respite time, thank you for being there....

Thank you for teaching me to relax with the breathing....


Thank you for being so flexible and understanding.....

Very nice lady thank you for your patience.

Wow it was a feeling that I had never experienced before,

Full body massage lovely....

Really nice and great professional personal service.,


Really good techniques, full honesty and nice lady, very well worth a visit!!

Happy Anniversary for this week and your little business, well done!!

A lovely lady, and you have no idea how much you've helped me.

Well that was actually more than great, not what I thought it would be at all. thank you!

Happy 3rd year coming soon!! Well done to you.

Thank you for a marvellous tantric massage you have a gift....


I'm speechless, you don't know how much you have helped me.

I can honestly say I never expected anything like that, you have magic hands .....

Wonderful lady, what a gem you are.....


I felt calm and safe and uninhibited by you ...


What a lovely lady with sincerity all round


What an incredible connected energy you have, thank you!

Thank you for a positive and enhancing experience, Ill book in a few weeks.

Thank you for a wonderful massage ....

So looking forward to returning ...

What a kind and patient lady you are, thank you for a sincere experience....


Ill be away most of June ...... but making appointments on email so please book in.


"I never thought I had that type of energy inside of me"

"This woman is better than some Indian massages I've had in India! 

"I turned up only having to cancel due to work, she was a very understanding lady, cant wait to see her, of course I left a deposit for my own failure of attendance"

"Firm massage but calm, I feel like I've had a great relaxation for an hour"


"That was a very special touch you have.....thank you".

"Extremely relaxing experience"


"You really are a beautiful woman, and what's more special is your nice inside too".

Im so pleased I attended now, Ill see you again.

What a lovely lady you are, thank you so much

"Just wanted to say I slept really well last night, the first time in ages"!!  


Great energy thank you.....

JAN 2015

Congratulations on your successful year!!! As always a fabulous touch, see you soon X

Amazing touch you have, you really are a natural and delivered by a special lady :)


Wow you're so honest, and professional, a lovely warm room too, you are open and really put me at ease, thank you

What a lovely lady you are, thank you for doing this work.

I look forward to seeing you again.

An outstanding massage long flowing strokes as described professional and honest.  A keeper.


Thank you again, a lovely touch with a wonderful lady

"That was lovely, 


"A massive thank you, for an unforgettable experience

"Thank you very much for a great massage, I cant wait to have another"


" thank you so much for reconnecting me with a new experience"  

Thank you, you really are a natural masseuse.

"Really lovely connection, amazing hands" ...


"Dear Helen, a wonderful massage and a delight to meet.  Ill return....


"That was amazing"

"Very nice see you again!"

"I hope you're still here in September, I'm away still and will be back to see you"


"Thanks very much, was very good and you were lovely!!"

"That was an amazing experience, Ill definitely be back"

"Very relaxed, wonderful touch, must have been doing this for years!" 

"Thank you so much for the chats today, your very knowledgeable and also honest in health and in yourself, I will definitely take your advice and start to drink more now you explained things to me today"


"Wonderful and very good massage thank you" Again!

"Thank you for such a wonderful massage"


" Very professional massage, dignified and comfortable as soon as we began, Ill definitely return"

" So glad your local to me, really love the new therapy you informed me about" x


"Really nice to see you again", with best wishes

"Thank you as, always"

" A very soothing, therapy, really nice and relaxing"


"As always fab and friendly, Ill be returning to you! 


"I don't care what people say but this is a really useful and needed service for gents and those who need assistance in health and well-being" 

"That Indian head massage was lovely" no rush and real quality hands on care, thank you! 


"Thanks honey as always" 

"A true gem thanks Helen, Cant wait for the New Year to be back" 

"I'm amazed how useful this treatment has been for me" 


I call the services alternative, these services are holistic massages provided by me a QUALIFIED and PROFESSIONAL Therapist.  I do all I can to promote this service in a professional context as I think it is relevant to the lifestyle and health of men in todays world and it clearly shows by the comments I have received and the way clients lives have changed by the visit.

Please call on my mobile number I can text you back on the mobile on NO PRIVATE NUMBERS I wont answer.

I have arranged treatments to fit in with the modern man of the busy lives we lead, I have many return clients.  Apologies if I cant see you at certain times but I work part time in mornings.

Prepare to be in a different mind zone when attending. :)

My aim is to see you fulfilled with concentration on YOU receiving the treatment.  Although a nice idea, I don't accept return massages on me...sorry..

All appointments are to be pre-booked please, I need to arrange my schedule around these appointments which are mostly mornings...unless arranged otherwise.

I am a friendly and trusting lady, I expect you to act in accordance with this trust and understanding as a client and know if my TEXT are occasionally short I may have oil on my hands or be driving... I do have clients who complain, I'm only one person :) 

I work part time in the day so please be mindful of my availability - maximum 4 days.

Sometimes I may cancel just as I'm sure you will, I apologise if it causes any inconvenience but if my flow of energy isn't right I will cancel because I 

may not be feeling good or another reason.  I'll always give you preferably a days notice.

How to book the appointment

Please firstly text me your NAME, AGE and WORK ROLE so I can get an idea of your lifestyle.  This encourages honesty and decent gentlemen to call and to understand this is a professional service.

Upon me answering, let me know your date and time of appointment interest, I will do my best to accommodate your enquiry 

* If you require any further details please email me but generally you wont need them as all details are there.

Prices are on the site pricing page, please look.


When parking you must always text or call me before the appointment, even if you know the place to go.  I may be 

busy and overriding on time but either way you must ALWAYS TEXT or CALL prior to either being given directions, I'm sure you appreciate 

and understand.

THIS IS A MASSAGE IN ESSEX - COLCHESTER  - give me your day and times and lets see how we can treat you.

I very much look forward to seeing you.