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Hello welcome to Soul Contact, CURRENTLY AT Suffolk CO10 England.  I have purchased a canal boat and will be in Suffolk until around May.  After this Ill inform you of my logistical situation.

I am a unique provider of skincare, body grooming & massage treatments to High level professionals & all business gentlemen.  My prices have stayed the same for years, my testimonials are excellent, regular clientele for many years, my clients trust my work & confidentiality.  I only work when I feel so I provide a good result and choose quality over quantity - qualified since 2009.  TEXT 07903 169301 with your name, age, weight / time & date of booking you'd like.   I ask for this so I can get an idea of who I'm potentially seeing understandably.  Many thanks.

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I am Helen I'm English late 40's & work as a sole operator from my private treatment room. I'm qualified, insured, very experienced in Massage to Level 3 standard and have other qualifications in Skincare to Level 3/4.  I do other things in work life, can work flexible hours but pre-book appointments are preferable, unless you catch me on a good day ;)

*My clientele are over 40 years, professional gents who are friendly & pleasant.  Many return because they feel my work is sincere & is still a treatment which doesn't feel robotic and always feels fresh and new.  Becoming more popular are skin therapies that clients tend to have because they can try new things such as a skin care back purification, facials, cryotherapy skin freeze to remove tags if necessary and I perform gents grooming services if required. (trimming, clipping body hair).

I work in a private treatment room in a peaceful setting & provide all types of massage therapies along with Basic Tantric Massage treatment with a twist but within the mindset of healthcare influenced into the work.  This allows us to converse about your concerns and issues or conditions so you can leave comfortably to go home feeling supported with confidence and understanding for your concerns along with how to manage them or who to see further about them.

Massage is an hour fee only (I don't do more than an hour, its really not needed and many say that) - £80 or £100 hour depending on body weight which causes more work on hands when treating, thanks for your understanding.   All my clients are very content when leaving I am good at what I do



£50 half hour

£80 Regular, Medium weight - hour

£100 Medium Heavy weight - hour

I don't get you out fast, this is a long term caring & necessary business, a service providing a qualified gentle massage for those with various conditions. Send me a text with your details and we can arrange an appointment.

If required blended oils can be used (Almond, Coconut).  You will experience a basic effleurage massage it promotes energy movement, relaxation with essential candles in the room chilled music and can deliver the massage with breathing exercises or you can just relax to save having to provide concentration and enjoy as a stress free treatment.


Some gents are very heavy in body so this affects the therapists hands - if she knows prior to the visit then it helps in exercises she can do.  Please send a text similar to this (below) with your information -  All information is permanently private & confidential.

Massage/regular/medium mass
Mr So & So 43/Engineer Monday 1030am 15th May
Thank you!
I follow the concept; that the treatment is one which is holistic & healthcare orientated, you leave feeling good, positive de-stressed & able to return home with the results of a healthcare treatment that has healed mentally.  Clients also have a great sleep which is lacking in many of our lives.

Helen, Soul Contact

gents massage

GP Check

If your on MEDICATION due to a condition such as: 

Epilepsy/Diabetes/Heart problem




Usually it is ok but just be sure as it may cause problems.


In brief, and our way, the process starts on the back for some part of the focus.  A very good, holistic massage flows with long movements so that one can also find areas which need work such as tight muscles, its a little more in detail but it wont be a surprise if i tell you now will it :)  

Then you turn to the front being the focus of the work working up the legs.  The treatment is an hour and it is enough for most clientele who are thoroughly happy and satisfied with the treatment allowing them to de stress and go home.  

*Whatever judgement there is for this industry, I have plenty of clientele who are professionals including NHS seniors, nurses, surgeons who support my work, because of their conditions or because it is a healthy practise for the gent to visit as a treatment

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The work is based on modern western tantric massage for gents as an energy mover combining the old concept from India which is 4000 years old in tradition.  Tantra is a lifestyle it is NOT based around sex nor anything of that nature, this is part of the tantric lifestyle that has swept the modern world as an energy mover for ease of stress related illnesses & relaxation.  



I have qualified in skin care treatments since last year and many clients seem to be picking up on this which is good news, as you will see below there's plenty of choices for a pamper with a massage so just ask..... :)

You see below a client partake in a Back Purification treatment this Step was High Frequency which is a beneficial treatment which re-balances cells, smooths skin, works on acne, works as an antibacterial there are about 9 steps to the Back Purification its relaxing, cleansing/cleaning, exfoliating, warming, extracting, anti-bacterialising, pampering too and worth a try for the Price of £30 as a single treatment.

skin care treatment

Skin Care

CryoPEN Freezing of skin tags ect £35 for ***2 areas (1" to an area) get 1 free***DEAL***

Men's Sea Weed Wraps/Facials £35 + ***Buy 4 get 1 free***DEAL***

Men's Facials £25 - £30 - £40 + ***Buy 4 get 1 free***DEAL***

Derma Roller £40 + (bulk buy of 4 get 5th free) monthly treatment ***DEAL***

Micro-dermabrasion Facial £30 / 30 min (£120 if booked in bulk pay 5 for 6) ***DEAL***

Removes 2/3 layers of the skin making skin even smoother, with immediate lifting results!

Excellent for those suffering, blackheads, pigmentation, acne, open pores,fine lines,

Galvanic Rejuvenation Facial £40 / 30 min (£160 if booked in bulk pay 4 get 5) ***DEAL***

Reaches into the skins cells, replenishes, ignites the cell structures to reform & develop on natural oil, cell growth and develop muscle volume loss.

Hair Care

Thinning head hair stimulation £40 half head (Dermaroller)

Hair removal - Electrolysis gents £35 x 15 mins

Chest, Back Shoulders Shave from £30 ++

Tweezer (nose, ears) £10+

Back Shave £20/30
Back Purification from £30 ++ *** pay 3 get 4 *** UPFRONT DEAL***
Removal of long hair with electric razor, pre-cleanse, preparation, exfoliation, shave to smooth if required, tweeze, calming, extraction, resurfaces ect.

I find usually that the back purification treatment is a great one for the gent to enjoy whilst visiting the treatment room.  It helps to relax, feel pampered, refreshed, detox those stubborn spots, will exfoliate dead skin cells away, warm the skin, cleanse, tone, tighten, clean, extract, close pores, & act as an anti bacterial, then moisturises your back it truly is a feel fabulous treatment ...

We look forward to meeting you again or as a newbie!

Thank you.