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Hythe Colchester CO2 and surrounding areas                                                                                       

Regular Massages - Holistic (varied conditions) - Lymphatic Drainage (toxic wastage) AND

Tantra/Lingam Massages - for many health conditions (NON sexual/healthcare approach)

Soul contact welcomes you ........

Thank you for finding me your qualified and trained massage therapist.  The history of Tantra comes from the Hinduism culture in India, it is about 4000 years old and is a lifestyle by many, it is about balancing ones own energies (chakra) in the world and delivering oneself in a particular way.  Ultimately it is about the flow of energy from mind and body but in the UK my work (as many others) is a NO RUSH modern blend of sensual tantric (energy moving) & massage which assists in healing you, & for the busy lives of our gentlemen.   Some of my clients have issues which then bring on stress, affect your self-confidence and contribute to relationship problems and this treatment  helps because it is entirely set up for the healthcare function and mindset of my clients. 

The room is set up with a warm infrared lamp for stress release and joint movement, whilst candles & incense create a calm sense of relaxation.  Through this modern method I ask you to lay on the table, starting on your back (you on your front) working a no rush service from toes up to neck, turn over (on your back) and again working on feet, legs and up the front areas of the body.  I teach you to breathe, relax and use your treatment as a professional healthcare orientated treatment which has worked very well over the years, allowing you to feel like you had a relaxing treatment which is suitable for many of my return clientele.  

Your treatment is basic tantric massage with a calm spiritual connection which clients tend to prefer, non sexual.  The focus is you to relax, under warm conditions, enjoy, unwind & be calm away from what you want to get away from.  It will help you sleep & be stress free for the ongoing days ahead.  You will leave as a content/happy client.

The treatment can be used with neutral non-fragrance base oil or with a pre-blend essential oil and light almond oil.


Please let me know if your a new or returning client & please provide your name, age and work role which understandably helps me to know who I'm communicating with, thank you.  I will not answer indiscreet texts and ask you to be mindful of your content.

Please note:  My hours for soul contact are not full time as I do other things, I study and I work as & when I am able, as an when I want.  I hope you can understand this as I'm more interested in quality not the quantity of earning.

Please peruse the site for other treatments which blend well for returning clientele or just visit as a one off to try it out!


Fee for full body tantric massage at base therapy room is £80 for the hour & over 35's only (because I'm more comfortable).

Many of my clients return visits because they have concerns over their health and body, or because of circumstances at home, some are married and some single.  Many visit because they wish to have a relaxation of massage and experience "me time" and others require a chat or need help with assisting in energy blockages.  None of us are the same, we all have varied needs, and I hope upon leaving, you will have been successful in finding yours because the service I'm told over and over again is very much needed for self esteem, keeping the family together, release of stress and hormones, understanding more about themselves to name a few.


  • Times are variable - no later than 6.30pm last booking.
  • I am a mid 40's attractive slim English lady
  • I will not answer indiscreet texts & ask you to be mindful of your content.
  • New therapy room just outside Long Melford in Suffolk CO10 
  • Hours - week days Mon to Fri only / early evenings, WEEKEND AVAILABILITY.

I look forward to healing you! Just enquire.....