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Men's Sensual & Tantric Lingam Massage in Essex

sex massage

Hello Gentlemen

Recognising the need for our health to be functioning correctly isn't always easy, if your feeling a bit tired and un-

engaged with life you are probably in need or re-connecting and re-balancing.

You can feel at ease when you meet me, I'm sincere attentive, approachable, genuine and care for the work I perform, 

Its delivered in a way whereby its integrated in with the full body treatment, many return because its part clinical non sexual approach,

  • SCHEDULE is on this site
  • Under the SEX ACT - THE LAW ACCEPTS the words TANTRIC MASSAGE only  
  • (anything else ie asking if the service provides hr or he is illegal and solicitation, so don't ask me)
  • I work part time usually am to Midday
  • 2/3 appointments only per day - 3/4 days a week
  • Appointments are booked a day ahead
  • Times change if I know in advance
  • Sensual massage colchester


A beautiful cultural Full body massage with concentration of Tantric which is relaxing 

and stimulating (yin/yang) energies.  Directed towards erogenous zones .... In 

brief, a great way to enjoy or de-stress, have choice, re-align your 

7 body's Chakra back into harmony for your hour of escapism and some carefully 

delivered health conscious "me time"

This comes with understanding on how to use breathing to promote the flow of blood around 

the body, it enhances stimulation (as tailored to the western world) promoting faster blood flow - this is the tantric energy mover I provide ............. 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiTcnoqCLOw    (SHIVA HISTORICAL TEXT)

Usually my clients do prefer to have sensual massages allowing me to lead and use the work I do with their own way of dealing with the treatments 

there are no must do's it is up to you if you want to breathe in the tantric way....all massages are promoted to heal and my touch is delivered in the 

same way so there is no missing out......

The tantric massage is tailored as used as an illness prevention, energy mover, chakra balance, stress release massage, with concentration on you, 

for the spiritual connection to enhance your own understanding of self and healing.  To open your mind and body, aligning the meridians and 

by enabling your energy fields to relax and stimulate.  To use your energy, blood flow through the body in a more profound way.  I as a 

professionally qualified therapist I'll show you how to do this by breathing, touch, trust, safety and relaxation.

The prostate with linga massage 

Is delivered by a trained therapist who is qualified to understand the human bodies anatomy and physiology.  There are 

many conditions the linga aids in assisting and I have listed some which are - premature ejaculation, nervousness, maintaining the 

erection, learning to lengthen your timing, breathing exercises, focus on the self, visual imagery, full body experiences, I use this in 

very basic form whereby the client doesn't feel out of their depth. The prostate massage is internal or external and this is an illness 

prevention which is massaged in various areas very carefully and gently, see information below.  

I have found some links to the problems of Prostate, maybe they will help, copy and paste the links into your browser

Enlarged prostate 

If you have an enlarged prostate it is your responsibility to always get clearance from the doctor or urologist prior to having an internal massage.






Usually everyone is clean, Ive never had one who isn't so dont worry - The body doesnt allow you not to be clean BUT You will be required to clean yourself prior to visiting -  that means go to the morning toilet and expel - then shower clean, rinse clean and clean again :)

The Benefits of Prostate Massage

Prostate massage can loosen the tension and stress in the muscles, as well as in the nerve endings in the prostate area. Men could truly feel relaxed 

when the muscles of the gland are massaged, but not the gland itself.

This massage therapy also aids in draining the seminal fluids, which have been collected and creates pressure in a lot of cases, inflammation

Prostate massage can increase the circulation to the prostate gland, providing nourishment and oxygen and also cleanse the prostate

Prostate massage therapy occasionally makes masturbation unnecessary and usually, it would even remove the desire for it. Prostate therapy can 

protect men from the occurrence of threatening prostate gland cancer

This therapy can aid men who suffer from a serious case of prostate enlargement. This massage technique can help men fight and prevent the development of certain prostate disorders

Prostate massage therapy can help men overcome impotence by stimulating the flow of seminal fluid and increases circulation

The swollen prostate can be alleviated with the help of prostate massage. It could be really uncomfortable when you suffer from a swollen prostate 

gland, most especially when sitting down and pressure would build around the prostate.

What is and how to Perform Prostate Massage?

Prostate massage can be achieved in a few different forms, it can be achieved externally with you laying on your front whilst the massage is taking 

place and gently touching the area which needs massaging to move seminal fluid around.  Or internally again laying on your front and by using the 

natural shape of the body the massage will be achieved by using the thumb moving internally tapping slowly and softly on the base of the prostate.  

Or to milk the prostate by using both back and front areas which causes a full release which is intense and which is said to alleviate pressure on the prostate if enlarged or also just for preventative action.

(COPY AND PASTE) http://www.prostatemassagetherapy.co/prostate-massage-therapy/10-incredible-benefits-of-prostate-massage-therapy/

External Prostate Massage

When you are going in for external prostate massage, it is important to ensure that the nails are perfectly clean and trimmed. It is possible to access 

the prostate externally with the help of the strip that is situated between the scrotum and the anus. This area is known as the perineum.

Once you have identified the spot, you should use the pads of the fingers and exert gentle pressure on it. It would be ideal to find an area with a 

slight depression that should be available in the perineum. When pressing, it is advisable to run your fingers forth and back on this depression.

This method if properly done can result in immediate erection followed by ejaculation. However, if you encounter pain on discomfort it means that you 

are either not doing it properly or are exerting too much pressure.

Internal Prostate Massage

By varying your pressure on the prostate gland, you could experience an erection and if you continue with the massage it could lead to ejaculation, 

however in this case the internal prostate is merely as I stated in other areas on this site, is done by tapping and massaging internally and is a 

successful combination of massages put together for my clients entwined into one full tantric experience.

Regular Ejaculation

Massaging the prostate promotes relaxation and, in turn, regular ejaculation. Regular ejaculation has a number of healthy, non-sexual benefits. The 

stimulation of the prostate gland promotes the production of fluid in the prostate and brings fresh blood flow to the pelvic area. This fresh blood flow 

will bring oxygen and nutrients, allowing for healthier cell function within the prostate and the surrounding area.

Why Do Man Need a Prostate Massage?

Many men suffering from impotence find that regular prostate massages help to return them to normal sexual function. While sexual impotence can 

be caused by muscular constriction, as mentioned above, it can also be caused by past neglects or abuses (physical or non-physical). Regular 

prostate massage will increase seminal fluids and can, over time, help a man to overcome impotence issues.

What Will be Happened After a Prostate Massage?

  • Your pain can melt away, day by day.
  • BPH (benign prostatic Hyperplasmia) and other symptoms can gradually disappear.
  • Urine flow can improve dramatically.
  • You can have better sleep and not have to get up 6 times a night to relieve your bladder.
  • You can start to feel really good again.
  • You can regain the sexual activity that they thought was over forever.
  • As time goes by, you'll feel better all over. You'll have more energy, you'll be happier and your sex life will take back its former sparkle.

Medical Warnings Concerning Prostate Massage

The prostate gland is a very delicate organ and should be treated with care at all times. While there are not many studies regarding the benefits of prostate massage, many doctors believe that the technique may be helpful for a variety of medical conditions. It is, however, important to discuss the technique and your need for it with your physician before attempting it on your own. He will be able to help you determine if the benefits of prostate massage apply to your particular condition.

Always get clearance from your DR to have an internal prostate massage.  If its not possible then an external one may suffice as a gentle massage.

First step of Massage

  • Long flowing soft strokes inside the leg areas, 
  • attention paid to buttock region, 
  • then moving onto the waist, 
  • prostate - if requested
  • up the spine with concentration on chakra balancing, 
  • promote healing energy, 
  • shoulders and neck area which includes occipital massage 

Ensuring relaxing and stimulating touches are apparent

Second step of Massage: 

  • Long flowing strokes on the ankle and leg areas, 
  • techniques concentrated on thighs, hips, pelvic area, 

Third step of Massage: (If required) 

Lingam Massage - incorporating technique to allow promotion of soft and gentle touch for relaxation and forgotten areas which need sensitivity and reconnection, whilst touching for relaxation and stimulation

This comes with understanding how to use breathing to promote the flow of blood around the body, it enhances stimulation (as tailored to the western world) and also promotes faster blood flow - this is the tantric energy mover I provide ............. usually my clients do prefer to have sensual massages allowing me to lead and use the work i do with their own way of dealing with the treatments there is no must do's it is up to you if you want to breathe in the tantric way....all massages are promoted to heal and my touch is delivered in the same way so there is no missing out......

  • An illness prevention, 
  • energy mover, chakra balance
  • stress release massage, 
  • concentration on you,
  • spiritual and connected touch for you to enhance your own understanding of self,

The concept 

- of this wonderful soothing and stimulating tantra massage is to open your mind and body, aligning the meridians and balancing the Chakra, by enabling you to use your energy blood flow through the body in a more profound way.  I as a professionally qualified therapist I'll show you how to do this by breathing, touch, trust and relaxation.

  • A caring touch - light, medium flow
  • Relaxation + Stimulation = Tantric massage
  • Sensual, relaxing, calming in a clean and tidy environment
  • Flowing strokes around erogenous zones (plenty in body) ie arms, legs, ankles

Why are people choosing this treatment?

  • I find gents are in higher powered job roles and have no time 
  • gents feel the same and are tired
  • sickness in the family, low libido
  • relationships are changing, a more medium approach is growing to self
  • both sexes aren't satisfying or stimulating each other for all reasons
  • marriages fail
  • lack of intimacy due to illnesses in a partner
  • choice, curiosity and variation is needed for ones self, in or out of relationships

I define this tantra service as a healthcare option and it is delivered in a way which attracts my return clientèle either weekly, two weekly, monthly ect both ladies occasionally and gents alike, you will always feel your in good hands, 

As the testimonials show there are other ways to enjoy and heal so be open minded it is very satisfying after all its only a full body massage........all work is used with antibacterial supplies and massage is used with no fragrance oils.


The word Tantra
is legal in the UK and Singapore unlike (hr, he, hj which is illegal to text).  

This Indian word is made up by the joining (sandhi in Sanskrit language) 

of two Sanskrit words tanoti (expansion) & trayati (liberation) which means liberation 

of energy and expansion of consciousness from its gross form.  It is a lifestyle in 

many forms.

It is a method to expand the mind & liberate the dormant potential energy, and its 

principles form the basis of all YOGIC practices. Hence, the Hindu Tantra scriptures 

refer to techniques for achieving a result.

Lets talk about my sensual tantra massage.  As an English therapist, I realise

 communication is changing and we as humans are becoming more understanding in our own self awareness and worth, it seems, we are searching 

for and trusting deeper methods and people to communicate and explore with, we are looking to safety in others for knowledge of these methods.  I 

perform the Tantric massage and work on your understanding of the Pineal Gland as the third eye to find ways in spiritual and healing energy 

work along with balancing of the 7 CHAKRA (wheel) CENTRE POINTS which work in line with the physical body, emotions breath, desires, and 


Tantra is a lifestyle and it is emotions, touch, environment, people, minerals, animals, daily life balance.  Some people 

have a strong field others have weaker and disharmonious, it takes practice for us to achieve a good sense of balance, understanding to create a 

wholesome, happy content field with balance.

One of the ways in which tantra massage helps and differs from normal massage is in the fact that energies of yin and yang (opposite energies of 

man and woman) are included. It’s not that easy to practice sexual cultivation. Tantric sexual cultivation is only used to cultivate the body and its chi 

and channels, and NOT ANYTHING ELSE - usually No ejaculation either but you can. It’s only use is to help transform the body (flesh), namely the 

chi channels, by stimulating internal energy without losing it. That produces a better chi flow circulation, because more channels open, and because 

of that you are more prepared for realizing the Tao. Rarely can you practice sexual cultivation by itself, without intensive mediation efforts and other 

practices, and thereby see the true mind.

Sexual organ massage can also help release past sexual traumas, when given by a well-trained therapist!!  Who will provide a safe place, to know 

techniques, moves, breathing, touches and ways to touch with energy.  When the therapist knows how to create this safe space, this can support the 

receiver’s healing process. It is not so much that the massage therapist is healing the recipient…more that they are supporting the recipient’s healing 

journey of the energy they find from guidance within.

On that note, a huge part of the healing benefits of tantra massage is to surrender into a safe space. “Safe” is that the therapist is a therapist, and 

not a lover. The interaction with a lover is different from with a therapist.  Lovers exchange energy (and in fact also engage in a complex 

web of karma).

A well-trained therapist, on the other hand, will simply hold clear space. They may observe the client’s flow of sexual energy, but they do not engage 

with it or exchange energy with them. This allows the recipient to surrender in a deeper way, and to access deep levels of vulnerability. To engage 

with a receiver in their vulnerable state would be a violation from the therapist, and it is wise to find a massage therapist with clear boundaries on this