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Now that we are even more conscious on how to care for ourselves these days, I am bringing in facial skin care treatments to my studio for those who are mature and with combination, dry or oily skin......

Book ahead of the day please these are popular - Electrical facial skin care treatments start NEXT YEAR - I will let you know for what type of treatments shortly, these could be for muscle contouring - stops muscles dropping with age, could be for skin with acne due to poor environment reactions, smoothing. 

- Skin facial treatment available from now

- You will receive a consultation as your skin 

-  You will lay or sit back and relax and be pampered with a treatment 

- A skin management plan can be arranged if interested

- We can begin your treatment programme with an electrical facial treatment/or not

These facial skin care treatments will be used to promote a number of reasons why you want to visit for a hands on facial skin care treatment and then perhaps to experience electrical facial skin care treatments.

The first products ill be using are Neal's Yard remedies for Dry skin types at the moment, ill be looking at more when clients are interested slightly higher in price but excellent products free from animal testing, organic and natural


The treatments available will be to improve and to help maintain good skin quality and condition as well as to assist in anti-ageing plus much more using a variety of treatment processes.  

Recent products purchased are Dermologica - professional creams and masks

NEW £30 half hour 

Facial skin care hands on treatment

These will include for me to be hands on with:

- exfoliation (removal of outer surface, dead cells)

- skin warming (pore opener, towel)

- extraction (black head removal, spot or milia hard white spot)

- facial massage (soothing massage of the face using professional cream or serum)

- mask treatments (to enhance, improve and accelerate skin pore condition)

with the use of professional facial products, the treatments will be available for ALL skin types and conditions as well as those who just wish to pamper themselves

I very much look forward to seeing you and hope your interest will grow in this area.


  • Hey just wanted to say thank you for such a lovely new service you provided to me today, I feel fresh and cleansed and will return and promote you to others.

  • Thank you for a great treatment for your new facial service, a rejuvenating treatment in home delivery, thanks

  • Very nice and will return, a lovely pamper morning for a while before work