Treating the whole person from within for the stresses of the western world


ITEC Qualified Massage Diploma with Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

Regular Massage / Breathing techniques (strengthen diaphragm) / Lymphatic drainage (toxin release)


Brentwood Essex CM15 England UK - by Qualified English therapist
Hythe Colchester CO2 and surrounding areas                                                                                       

Regular Massages - Holistic (varied conditions) - Lymphatic Drainage (toxic wastage) AND

Tantra/Lingam Massages - for many health conditions (NON sexual/healthcare approach)

Thanks for visiting ......

Welcome to Soul Contact, 

Thank you for finding me and taking an interest and thank you for all the great reviews I've heard that have been 

written about my work and me! It means a lot to me, I really appreciate it..

Alot of changes are happening but currently I WONT be taking on EVERY new client, continue to try as I may be in Colchester and book with you.

I'll be in Colchester until 3rd Sept and then revisiting Colchester for my regulars and those I've seen before whilst I go on a few adventures in my new motor home.   


My work is changing but currently what Ive been doing is based on performing and revelling in the sacred massage treatments which holistically 

support the 7 systems of the body just as all massage does.  Massage has become a very important part of well-being and the healing process.

It is learnt through the concept of a more conscious approach to build health through breathing techniques and by relaxing the mind. 

Did you know if we breathed more consciously 

our bodies would stay more healthy, 

thus we wouldn't retain much of the bodies stress and illnesses....

We can prevent and slow down a variety of conditions, stress and disease which many of us experience over life if we just made an extra effort to 

breathe slow and deep.  This way we would relax the muscles in the brain causing a variety of the organs to de-stress.  I perform a massage which is 

relaxation and stimulation based called Tantric massage, I also use other types of massage throughout the treatment, here, in our western culture we 

have been interested and influenced to take it upon us to learn about the reasons why this style has come into our world.

My intention is to enhance and create a new way for the lady or gent to de-stress but as well as taking the stress factor off a persons mind and body 

my work shows there are other ways in healthcare or spiritual enhancement which are needed in today's society and which should be more 

accessible and approved by various associations and services.

For over three years, my clientele, who are only gentlemen have entrusted me to provide the service of massage 

regularly for healing.  Using the skills of breathing as well as holistic massage combined with tantric and lingam.  Body, mind and spiritual 

balancing works in many ways, for many conditions including stress or just for some "me time".  

All work is private and confidential just as any other therapist works.

When booking an appointment for your spiritual journey, the booking time is usually an hour for first appointment.  In our chaotic lives we can be in 

need of a touch to offer comfort and compassion.  My clients, as shown throughout the site visit for many reasons - some are for example; due to 

illnesses, stress, marriage problems, low libido, death, divorce & rejection to name a few - its an endless list and some just visit for some peaceful 

time and to talk .....

I accept mid 30's business gents and friendly Professionals. Please note; I ONLY work within the mind set of offering treatments for tantric/lingam and  
spiritual healing and expect you to visit to receive a health treatment as advertised as I focus and maintain space in the setting of my studio in 

Colchester until the end of August when I will be fully mobile, with locations set on tour where we can meet and treat your needs.

I also have a NON SHEDDING Quiet dog, she's used as an emotional support therapy dog and mostly sleeps.

This is NOT a sexual service.  This is an alternative and cultural service which assists in aiding the stress out of my clients lives, it's popular legal 

and a much required treatment.